sexta-feira, 12 de março de 2010

TH Promo

: "RAWR, bitch!"
Mor: "I'm an unleashed dog, there's a huge difference."
Sara: "ok, dog, and I'm your world behind your wall."
Mor: "no, no. You are my pain of love"
Sara: "Just because you don't zoom into me."
Mor: "but you don't let me to get down on you"
Sara: "I only said no that day!"
Mor: "why? because I'm an alien?"
Sara: "no, because you're a humanoid! duh!"
Mor: "but I said I'm an unleashed dog! I want you to remember it forever! Now!"
Sara: "Hey, you made me lol now!"
Mor: "you are lol-ing with such an annoying noise"
Sara: "not may fault, it's automatic!"
Mor: "I always knew you were born at the darkside of the sun."
Sara: "of course I was, you know I'm a phatomrider."
Mor: "well, to be honest I thought you are a human. That connects to human. (wtfffffff)"

I swear you're the craziest person I've ever met! :D

E assim se faz promoção do CD dos Tokio Hotel no Twitter através de uma pseudo-discussão conjugal.

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