quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011


Tirando sem qualquer pingo de vergonha do estaminé da Medd que andou a roubar também a mais pessoal e este país é uma tristeza porque roubamos a torto e a direito e ninguém faz nada!

1. A day you remember by some positive thing: 20/02/2010
2. A day you remember by some negative thing: November 2010, no need to mention the day.
3. Name someone who is always there for you: my alter-ego.
4. Name someone who never let you down: all the people I never had the chance to meet.
5. Who do you trust the most?: me myself and I
6. Name a boy who can always cheer you up: I don't feed egos for free, thank you very much!
7. Name a girl who makes you laugh a lot: my mom.
8. Choose a boy name: Francisco
9. Choose a girl name: Inês
10. Name someone who shared some embarrassing moments with you: Sara.
11. Someone that you already have forgiven a lot of things:
12. Name an important guy in your life: Francisco
13. Name an important girl in your life : My mom, because I can't just choose between friends, meanie.
14. People who marked your childhood : Old classmates.
15. Name someone who let you down a lot but you’re still friends with him/her: She knows who she is.
16. Country you would love to visit: America and Italy.
17. Where do you want to live in 12 years from now?: England / New York /Los Angeles...I don't judge.
18. Who made you cry from happiness: I don't remember crying from happiness.
19. Who makes you laugh every single day: me.
20. Name one boy you’re missing right now: noone.
21. Name one girl you’re missing right now: noone.
22. Are you easy to fool? yes, got a problem?
23. Are you easy to disappoint? you have no idea!
24. Who makes you REALLY happy? friends and concerts.
25. Name someone who mean a lot to you now but meant nothing some months ago: Santa Claus.
26. A recent friendship: don't have.
27. Quote a sentence that you like: "Talk all the talk with a model's smile"
28. A song you’re addicted to right now: "Love Song" - The Cure
29. The last person who told you “i love you”: I say that to myself all the time, gotta feed my ego, ok?
30. The last person who hugged you: God!! He's a sinner.
31. A song that remind you of a special moment: "Don't Cry" - Guns 'n Roses
32. Name one person you don't really like: I can't say it because that person will most definitely read this and SHE knows who SHE is. ;)
33. The last thing you bought: food.
34. Do you like fish? no, thank you.
35. Last person who called you: a friend.
36. Choose one day of the week: friday! friday! friday!
37. Name someone who lived some unforgettable moments with you: my closest friends.
38. Something you’re anxious about: summer.
39. Someone who will never let you alone in your life? my mom.
40. Someone who is in your head right now: I said it before, I'll say it now: I don't feed egos for free.
41. Your biggest dream: being happy.
42. A name that you hate: Maria Joaquina Genoveva.
43. Name one store where you usually buy your clothes: Zara / Stradivarius
44. Favorite brand: Zara.
45. Name a quality that you appreciate in a guy: sense of humour.
46. Blond or brunette? Brunette! We're classy!
47. A song that you sang when you were a child: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qhva71J7G8
48. A song that you hate: Anything made by David Fonseca. >.<
49. Last person who smiled at you: friend.
50. A dream that you believe thats IMPOSSIBLE to accomplish: Being like Miranda Kerr!?
51. Do you hold on your past? More than I should.
52. Name someone who helps you a lot: Google.
53. Do you want to get married? Yes, with babies, money and all the things I deserve. Enough said.
54. Why did you cry the last time: Stress problems.
55. Do you hate someone? Yes.
56. Do you believe in promises? Until they're broken...yes.
57. Do you believe in forever? Not at all.
58. Last person you take a pic with: Housemate!
59. Name someone who curse a lot: No one beats me when it comes to cursing skills.
60. Your best childhood guy best friend: Ricardo
61. Your best childhood girl best friend: Filipa
62. Name someone who is beautiful: Staa! Obviously! Duuuuh! :c
63. Your sweetest friend: I don't usually go for sweet people.
64. Do you like your name? If not, tell me the name you wanted to have: Yes, besides the fact that half of the female population has the same name it's not that bad.
65. The last person you texted: a friend.
66. Did you lost somebody in the last 2 months? no.
67. Are you obsessed over someone or something? Tokio Hotel and computers.
68. A singer that you want to meet: Bill Kaulitz.
69. An actor/actress that you want to meet: Emma Watson
70. Do you have a recent friend? no.
71. A motive for happiness: You're alive and you have me! :p
72. Favorite band: Tokio Hotel.
73. A band that you hate: I don't HATE them, I just really can't stand them at all. Bands like Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, and David Fonseca. Lady GaGa is also winning her place at this list.
74. First concert you went to: I can't remember, really.
75. Last concert you went to: Gogol Bordello
76. Do you love someone? yes.
77. Name someone you miss A LOT: my grandpa.
78. Best ice cream flavor: lemon, HANDS DOWN YOU FILTHY PEOPLE!
79. Do you want to marry the person you’re dating now?: no. lol
80. Last person who told you ‘Im sorry’? a friend.
81. Last person who thanked you? another friend.
82. Last thing you ate? bread.
83. Do you want to say goodbye to someone? so freaking much.
84. Forgive or forget? forgive.
85. Are you a cat person? no.
86. Did you like barbies while you were a child?: yes, I used to cut their hairs because they were always the same and then mom had to buy me another one because the damn doll was ruined.
87. Do you like to cook: yes.
88. Are you a boy or a girl?: girl.
89. Do you argue a lot? yes.
90. Do you believe in love? yes.

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