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The history of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf

Antes de tudo...parabéns à Joana Filipa !!

Don't you just want a Chuck Bass?

Este vídeo veio-me parar às sugestões de vídeos lá do Youtube e foi amor à primeira, segunda e terceira vista. Qualquer moça ficar a olhar para o ecrã do PC com o cotovelo pousado na mesa, mão a segurar no queixo, olhos arregalados e a pedir a Deus para que um Chuck Bass entre porta a dentro nos próximos 10 segundos. É como a autora do vídeo escreveu:

"They weren't meant to fall in love with each other, they were meant to grow up and live their UES live, together but apart. She was meant to marry Nate and have three children and become a trophy wife and he was meant to always stay the bachelor, rule Bass Industries and follow in Bart Bass's foot steps. But they found each other and they found that what they had was more meaningful and significant than any life they had planned out for themselves.

And sure they hurt each other and they push themselves away, apart and to different lives and different people because that's who they are, they don't feel they deserve the happiness they feel when they're together, they were brought up to believe that happiness just wasn't on their menu, and they have problems surrounding themselves which still need to be fixed. She needs to feel good enough and he needs to feel accomplished.

But it's this journey they take as individuals and as a couple that make them who they are, Chuck and Blair - Blair and Chuck. We all know that eventually after a lifetime, they'll find each other again and they will get their happily ever after but it's what it took to get there that really matters. The difficulties they faced and over came and the hurt and betrayal that came with it. It all matters in the end."

Onde posso comprar uma coisa destas??

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